Take action”. Easy to say, but not always to do. The Internet is full of tips and advice, and we can quickly get lost. So to see more clearly, here is a selection of blogs of all kinds to reduce its consumption and easily adopt a more responsible lifestyle.

Today, the site lists more than 400 small articles and publishes a new one every week. As a bonus, everyone is free to suggest their own topic! Technology, transportation, culture, education, consumption, spirituality… No stratum of daily life is forgotten on mumdadplus4.

I thought this generalist blog would bring answers to your questions. It’s a space where you can express your victories as well as your failures, your worries, your hopes…

Humor, honesty, and willingness to progress are the key ingredients of this blog

With this dedicated blog, I strive to be radically honest about where I am in my life, even in times of doubt and confusion. I explore the mechanisms of change and their resistance, the most impactful gestures, the necessary work on oneself that one must do to live happily in a changing world.

Here, a sense of humor is king on mumdadplus4. We are not here to lecture but to progress together, with lucidity, occasional self-mockery, and open-mindedness always.

This blog aims at sharing thoughts. Then, each one helps himself according to his needs, his rhythm, his way of life…



Olena Mars